Easy Day to Night Tutorial

27. November 2016



I created a short and easy tutorial showing you how I transition  my day look into a more festive and party appropriate night look.

Picking up your makeup look after a full day of work – can make you feel like a brand new person. So amping up your makeup look does not only make you look better but often time also feel better. It does need to take a long time and you can actually work off the rest bit of makeup you still have lingering around on your face from the full day of working – whatever that might entail.


I like to add a bit of depth to my eyeshadow – turning up the smoky-ness (read sexyness) – by adding a bit more color and fullness to the eye area. Then i like to amplify my blush, highlight and bronzer – mostly because it will probably be darker – where you are having dinner/drinks – and I still like my blush/bronzer highlight to show. And then the oldest most efficient makeup trick in the world is to add red to the lips of some sort. Red lips can make me fell like a hero, star, genius etc on any given dull day.


These colors are just my preferred colors of this season and my current makeup mode. You can use this technique with whatever kind of color-scheme suits you. And of course you can do one or all three things that I show in the video for you own day-to-night look.

Please tag me in your day-to-night look so I can get even more inspired!


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