Glittery Holiday Look

13. December 2016

I love glitter! So much.

So I made this very glittery look that I thought would serve well as a go-to during this festive season of parties and events.

It is fairly easy and you can play with the colors as you please.

Midnight blue is definitely a new found favourtite of mine, so for me the choice of gold and blue was easy.

I think the look is very wearble but with an sophisticated edge that would be flattering on all of us. If you have a bit more hooded eyes then I suggest placing the glitter on the center of the eye or even in the outer corner of the eye, and down onto the cheek area should you feel really brave.

Glitter can be a bit stressful bacause you have to use glue and watch that you do not spill it everywhere. But it doesnt that to be an hassle – as long as you know all the tricks. In the video i show you some of mine and how I make working with glitter easy – and how I make it last for an entire night of fun.

Here is how to work with glitter and how to use glitter in your makeup rutines – atleast my takes one it and my advice on how to play with glittery makeup looks.

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