Brushes 101

9. January 2017

The makeup question I get most often from friends and others who follow my beauty adventures, is….


And honestly, I understand how this can be a huge giant RED ocean of ????.

When I first got into makeup – I had no clue. And it took me to go on a loong and very exciting journey to find out what brushes to use for what application and products. 

In brief..

I like to use stipple brushes – duo fiber – for anything that I want to apply lightly, whether it is creams, liquids or powder.

I like to use dense brushes – kabuki brushes – for most full coverage, again no matter if it is creams, liquids or powers.

I like bigger fluffier brushes for setting both eyes and face with powders.

Those are pretty much the rules I go by when choosing brushes.

If you need a fuller advice, check out my video on this same topic.

You will never need to ask another brush or tool question.

See you soon…

– M

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