My current Lush stash

5. January 2017

Hi 🙂


.. and welcome (back).


Today I want to show you my current Lush stash. 

I love love love LUSH products! A LOT!

And it’s one of my favouroite shopping adventures when I finally get to unleash myself in a LUSH store. The scents.. the colors… amazing ingredients and of course the promise to give me better looking skin, hair etc. 



We do not have a Lush store in Denmark just yet, which is why I stock up on products when I travel and visit Lush stores.

So… I always keep a few (or a lot of) products stocked up. And here are what is currently in my stashhh.


I have tried a few different Lush hair products – since most of the body washes easily double as haircare as well.


But the one that I have had on my bathroom shelf for a solid while is this!!


Let me start by saying… I LOVE THIS!

I’ve had bleached hair for a while now, and THIS particular shampoo has helped me maintain a cooler shade of yellow, even though my hair does turn very orange-y and brassy ’cause it’s so dark. Daddy-O has a very thick and full on pigmented purple consistency.


The formula is great for dry hair as it is super thick and creamy and leaves your hair SO SOFT. It spreads easily in the hair and lathers up really nicely and quickly. The shampoo smells like a friggin’ field of lavender! And it is so beautiful – it has a semi pearlescent sheen to it, that is just a joy to look at.

You only need a tiny bit, and this bottle has lasted me about 6 months (having my boyfriend use it too – on his non-bleached hair).

R n’ B

Is a leave in hair treatment/scent, that I absolutely LOVE!


This hair lotion is infused with tons of goodness for your roots AND your scalp which I think is very unique. It does make my hair feel really soft and actually gives it a bit of texture and volume as well.

And… then.. it gives your hair the BEST smell EVER! It’s very intense, so if you don’t like it – you will HATE this product. But if you like me, can’t get enough – you will loooove this product.

I honestly use it 50/50 for the scent and for the actual impact that it has on your hair.


My favorite face cream by Lush is still Gorgeous (

But I have recently tried a new face cream – Magical Moringa.


This cream is a facial moisturizer AND as an added bonus – also acts as an primer that makes your foundation and concealer last longer and go on smoother.

One of the claims of this products is that is is mattifying. And It really is, while also leaving your skin feeling sooo incredibly velvet-y smooth.


About 30 mins after applying the cream, that is when the problems start for me. It feels like the cream hasn’t been properly absorbed into my skin but rather sits on top of it and starts to crumble when I touch it. So image I’v applied makeup on top, I can sorta scrape the whoole thing off in a matter hours. Which isn’t very lovely.

I think the fault is my own – since I kept this moisturizer in the fridge for about 1 month after buying it, before using it. The consistency was really hard – like playdough – once i pulled it out. I wrote the Lush team asking them if this was the right consistency, and they told me NO!

I definitely need to give this a second go…

ULTRA BLAND.. the facial cleanser


Admittedly I haven’t used this cleanser a whole lot just yet.

So I am not one to give a full review as of now.

But the few times that I have used it. I have experienced it to be very soft and light on the skin. I am sure I will eventually talk about this in another blog post or in a video of mine.


FULL OF GRACE… the serum bar

How fun right?

full of grace

I LOVE the effect this product has on my skin. It really is a wild MOISTURE BOOST! And as someone who’s tried A LOT of different skincare – something new, like a SERUM BAR is quite fun.

But often times you realize WHY something has not really caught on earlier.. as it’s simply just not that handy/great etc.

This bar – is so unhandy. Like… what are you going to do with it ones you are using it? I leave mine in the wrapping paper it came in.. but honestly it’s pretty grose by now. So do I keep it in a box? And do I clean it? Or on a plate and do I clean it? And will it sustain if it’s just laying out in the open.

Sooo many questions, that you tend to forget how excited you were about something new…

Moving on to..


In this category I have tried a bunch of different products – especially lots of shower gels.

But the one I have right now is the..



So many reasons to love this product….

First of, it smells like a berry candy dream that is coming true right from under your nose. So delicious that you want to eat it. Probably the my favorite of ALL TIME scent – in a shower cream/get.

Second… it is the most amazing hue of pink – leaning on purple. So so beautiful! And to top it off – it has little tiny perfect glitter particles in it. Nothing that you will feel when using it. Nothing that feels scrubby or tugs at your skin when you shower.

Third, it cleans your body and removes body odor no matter what you have been doing. The scent is so powerful that it also lingers on your body after you’r dried up and dressed.

This is my favourite LUSH item that I have right now.


Are both shaving creams. And I like them for different reasons.



Dirty is the shaving cream I have used the most. And I throughly enjoy this. It is very easy to deal with in the shower – put it on your body where you need to shave and shave. It makes your shaver glide smoothly and it makes you skin very soft and un-irritated after you have shaved. ‘

D-Fluff – I haven’t used as much. But love it for the flavor and color. Plus the consistency is truly fluffy.

As with other products that I am not yet very familiar with I will not review it, as I just don’t know yet.

… So these were my current LUSH items! Have you tried any LUSH products that you think I would like?

PLEASE tell me about them – always on the hunt for new ones to try and LOVE.

Thanks for reading <3

~ M




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