K-beauty is coming to Denmark! THIS is what you need to get first

23. January 2017


skinfood skincare

Oohh! Hello!

So this is my very first themed week on my blog, ever! And I’m very excited to start these series off with something as close to home as K-Beauty!

K-beauty is FINALLY close to home – literally

Last week Sephora anounced that they are finally bringing K-Beauty onto the danish beauty road map! So in the celebration of K-beauty coming to Denmark, I am feeding you with tons of know-how and info of my favourite K-beauty brands, tendencies, techniques and products of course! THE PRODUCTS – there are so many good ones.

The two brands that I am by far the most excited about are Tony Moly and Skinfood. Todays post will be all about Skinfood – Skincare products.


Skinfood was my first korean makeup love. And it hasn’t let me down ever since.

I first traveled to Korea in 2008 – I am born there, but have lived my entire life in Denmark – with a few stray to the USA and Canada. In 2008 I became acquainted with Skinfood and loved the fun colors, great prize and amazing packaging.

During this post I will take you through my entire Skinfood beauty collection and mark all the items with a (GO GET IT), if I feel it’s something you definitely shouldn’t live without.


skinfood thumbnail

Skincare and haircare

These are the current products I own in this category. Two skincare items and to haircare items.

From left to right

Rose Essence – Moist – makeup fixer (GO GET IT)

A setting/facial spray. That smells like the field of wild and fresh roses. It gives my makeup a few extra hours of looking freshly applied and a boost of moisture to the face. Lays beautifully on top of powder and sinks into the skin immediately. Highly recommend this one.

Super Berry – Multi Eye Cream (GO GET IT)

A huuuge tub of a very lightweight gel/creamy eye -cream. There is soo much product in this jar!

When I bought this in May of 2016 it had the title ‘Best Seller’. I can commit to that – for the prize this eye-cream is great. Very easily absorbed into the skin and does not feel greasy at all. The scent is barely there and just ads to the lightness and easy-going-ness of this cream.

Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence

A semi thick oil to use in dry or wet hair.

The upside to this product is the scent and how quickly it absorbs. It leaves no residue on your neck, sides of your face at all.

But I honestly didn’t find that this oil did much for my hair. I have a semi thick asian mane, so maybe that is why. I just thought, since it was made in Korea, it should  be made for korean hair. But it doesn’t seem to work on my hair. Perhaps if you have thinner hair, and hates oils that are waaay to greasy, this would be a perfect match?

Many other argan oils have done wonders for my hair though, so I guess it’s how this is formulated that doesn’t resonates with my hair at all.

Apple-Mango Volume Essence Mist

A volume spray for dry hair, that also acts like hair-scent. And a good one.

I use it as a topper for dryshapoo days where my hair is just dull and 2nd or 3rd day greasy. I can actually trick my brain into thinking my hair is somewhat clean, just by making it smell nicer. The scent doesn’t linger all day, but long enough to serve it’s purpose, of making you feel brand new and fresh from the morning.

Tomorrow we are continuing the journey of the Skinfood brand. And we are diving into the makeup products for eyes that my collection currently holds. I will of course once again let you know, which ones you need to hurry down to your local Sephora to get.

Within the group of products is my favorite eye color…

See you then.

<3 M

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  • Reply Kam 2. November 2017 at 21:13

    Love the blog!

    Whereabouts in Denmark can I buy Skin Food products?


    • majayoon
      Reply majayoon 9. February 2018 at 20:00

      Thanks a lot Kam! That is so sweet of you.

  • Reply Maria 19. January 2018 at 17:13

    You should check out surisuri.dk! They opened an online shop in September here in Denmark! Lots of amazing k-beauty brands!

    • majayoon
      Reply majayoon 9. February 2018 at 20:00

      Hi Maria. Thanks a lot. I have already sneak peaked a little bit in their shop. Thanks for commenting tho. Do you have any Kbeauty recommendations?

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