K-beauty! Why you need these Skinfood polishes NOW

14. April 2017


Still talking K-beauty on my blog! YAY! I love this theme.

Today is rather special for me, as nail polishes were the first to lure me into the kingdom of K-beauty and one of the very first reasons why i fell in love with this brand.

They are dirt cheap and performs like true high-end varnishes.

They wear for days and stay vibrant and shiny.

So today is all about

.. the nails

First of! The Creams.


The white – BW704

A stark white, very opaque easy to apply white!

The brick red – ARE05

A muted brick red, very creamy and opaque.

The neon pink – 08

A true NOEN baby pink – very vibrant and screamy on the nails. Needs a few layers to become 100 % opaque.

The soft lavender – APR02

A doll like lavender bordering on pink more than blue. Very creamy and easy to apply.

The dusty green – AGR01

An almost nude green – that doesn’t feel and look ‘GREEN’. So creamy and easy to apply as well.

The neon blue – 04

A fun, loud color! I call it my FESTIVAL nail color! Brings lots of attention to your hands. Just like the others – great formula. Easy to work with.

The deep red – 17

A very classy burgundy. Wears with EVERYTHING! Very opaque! One layer only.

The dark brown  – RE106

One of those almost blacks, with a hint of brown and red. A mysterious color. VERY opaque and long wearing.


The Shimmery and Metallics


The rose gold glittery – 3

Huge silver glitter bits, very reflecting and shiny. Wear forever and ever.

The true gold – 07

A true gold – with a yellowy undertone. A very bright gold. Very easy to apply (not to remove) one layer is all you need.

The real rose golden – 01

A true rose gold with micro glitter – strong pink undertone, very feminine and girly.

The bronze gold – BR613

A sunset gold – with a yellowy bronzy undertone – with micro glitters. Very easy to apply (not to remove) one layer is all you need.

The cobalt blue – BL513

A royal blue with a high beaming shine. A few layers are needed to enable a fully opaque coat of color.

The care


Pine nut cuticle oil

This oil has a brush applicator – just like a regular polish which i really like. So much easier to distribute the oil where it’s needed with this type of applicator.

Makes my cuticles very soft and all the stark white dead skin around my nails disappear. Very affordable – and will last you so long as you only need a tiny amount.

Nail Vita Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner

GREAT for cleaning your cuticles right before brushing them down. Softens dead skin, dirt and cuticles so that is it super easy to remove. Makes the cleaning or cutting process way more smooth. This bottle has lasted me the LONGEST. I think I picked this up over 4 years ago and its still going strong. Using it every time i give myself a home nail spa.

Tomorrow is the last of the Skinfood posts and talk about beauty remedies and tools. One of these products has changed my skincare game completely. Perhaps it can up yours too?

See you then.

<3 M

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