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16. April 2017


Hi! and welcome back to todays K-beauty post!

Today is very exciting for me, as we are talking about LIPS! I love korean style gradient lips. And was very happy to see the western world finally catch on to the lip-tint craze that has been a stable in the K-beauty regime for long.

Soo.. without further adieu, makeup

… for the lips



Viva Tok Lipgloss


A taupe brown nude shade with a subtle shimmer. Very beautiful. A true lipgloss! Means you got to re-apply a lot! But some shades and formulas are just worth it – and this sure is in my book.

Viva Tok Lipsticks

(PK09 CR01)

Matte lipsticks! The best formula ever! So creamy and non-drying. Very vibrant with a decent wear time – taking the creamy-ness into consideration.

QueensBaking Vita Color Lipstick (Matte)


Matte Matte Matte! Feels and acts a lot like the Vita Tok lipsticks. Definitely not drying or crumbly on the lips.

Tomato Cool Jelly Tint

A lip tint in, with a very powerful staining effect. A super classy and beautiful hot pink.

Tomato Jelly Tint Lip

So soft. Like a lipbalm. But with a very beautiful soft subtle red tint. One of those ‘monday lip-products. So comfortable. Looks like you’ve done a lot – but you didn’t! The best kinds.

Tomorrow we are continuing this wonderful K-beauty ride. We are talking about nails! One of my very first discoveries in the realm of K-beauty… Reading could save you a few €. Just saying.

See you then.

<3 M

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