K-Beauty; These are the Skinfood makeup – face – you need to get.

18. April 2017


I love the Skinfood makeup! So many fun colors and formulas that excite me.

…for the FACE


The little tin boxes – FRESH FRUIT – Lip and Cheek (GO GET IT)

Pomegranate – Grapefruit – Lychee.

So creamy, so pigmented, so nicely scented!

Glides smoothly on lips and lays beautifully on your cheeks. On the lips the color can build us to be quite intense or act like a sheer wash of something barely there, depending on how to apply it. On the cheeks it gives you a nice an healthy glow, and can also intensify in color, depending on your method of application.

This is not the longest wearing product – but you if you top it off with a powder blush you can definitely get a good days wear out of it. Same goes for the lips – use a long-wearing liner underneath, to prolong the wear extensively.

Skinfood Rice Concealer (GO GET IT NOW!!)

Darkest one.

MY FAVOURITE PRODUCT from this brand.

I use it almost every single day, and it is definitely my GO TO concealer during this time. So creamy, great coverage – hides dark circles, no creasing, great longevity. I have tried SO many concealers incl. the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – and this is still my preferred.

Salmon Dark Circle Concealer

Great for your under-eyes! Very peachy undertone that is excellent for canceling any blue or purple shadows under your eyes. Very light in texture and coverage so-so. If you don’t suffer from dark under-eye circles – this is a great product for you!

Black Been Nose Pack

These black head strips are INTENSE! A little too intense for my taste. I have very sensitive skin on my nose though, it gets so dry and irritated quickly – so these feel a little too drastic for my little flat nose. If you suffer from black heads and you have more bad-ass nose-skin than me. I think you would really enjoy these, as they are super effective.


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