K-beauty! Skinfood MAKEUP that you need now – for eyes.

24. April 2017

Hello 🙂

During out last digital rendes vouz I typed you trough all the face makeup products from Skinfood you need to go and try when it finally launches here in Copenhagen. And today we are talking all about Skinfood makeup…

… for eyes


Left to right.

My Short Cake Eye Shadows- creamy type (GO GET IT)

Soooo intense and pigmented. Very beautiful and long-wearing. Absolutely LOVE these. The white shade double as a highlighter, and give you a pretty beamy sheen to the face – a lit from within glow. The darkest shade is the most beautiful brown in my entire collection. It has a tiny bit of a purple shine to it, which gives it so much depth, as you can see in the swatch. And the metallic bronze is a true metallic shade, very amazing for the inner corner of the eye.

Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

Love this duo. The powder has the perfect texture for eyebrows, a tiny bit more firm that eyeshadows. Makes it so much easier to apply. I use it over any brown pencil or pomade that I am using – to set everything in place!


Viva Waterprof Tip Pen Eyeliner (GO GET IT)

Extremely long wearing pitch black liner. The felt tip is precise enough to make application very easy!

Black Rice Pen Eyeliner

This liner has the finest thinnest tip I’ve ever seen on a liner! EVER! It is so so very slim that you can literally pain anything with this liner. But seemingly it compromises the blackness and wear-time of this liner. It looks grey and not black when applied and it takes forever to use, cause the line is sooo thin. If you are something that likes a very very subtle liner – you will LOVE this one.

Pearl Creamy Under eye Pencil

This pencil liner is SUPER creamy! It has tiny little shimmer flex in it and stays and stays on your waterline. I do not however love you use this on my lower lash line due to the silver glitters in this liner, that I do not wish to get stuck in my eyes. Having never had this happen to me with any type of glitters, I might just be paranoid.

Seaweed Waterproof mascara

Extremely waterproof! Very difficult to remove. If you are going diving or running a marathon, and still want dashing eyelashes during the entire run – this is your mascara!


Sugar Dessert Eyeshadows

Powder shadows, very creamy to the touch, as you can see in the swatch. Very pigmented and easy to blend. They have a decent wear time and there are a lot of very beautiful shadows to choose from.

Thanks for reading and keeping up with me.

<3 M


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